Senior Design - old

Below are some examples of senior design projects. For more information on the College of Engineering’s senior design projects, go to website for Senior Design.

Team accepting first place prize with their NASA Lunabotics Project

Project Title: NASA Lunabotics Project (First place at the 2011 Senior Design Expo!)

Team Members: Lina Garcia (BSSE student), Dustin Montgomery, Benjamin Rhoades, Nicolas Wale, William Blackburn, David Kiser.

Description: The NASA Lunabotics team designed and constructed a remotely controlled excavation robot, called a lunabot, that can collect and deposit a minimum of 10 kilograms of lunar simulant within 15 minutes. The complexities of the challenge include the abrasive characteristics of the lunar simulant, the weight and size limitations of the lunabot, and the ability to control the lunabot from a remote control center. The structural system is designed to support an unloaded capacity of 80kg in addition to any regolith excavated and fit within 1.5m x .75m x 2m. It was also designed with a low center of gravity be able to navigate craters without tipping over.

Team members showcasing their project, Building Evacuation Simulation

Project Title: Building Evacuation Simulation

Team Members (BSSE students): Scott Dauss, Fahad Balobaid, Torrence Gibson.

Description: The modeling of Simulation of Evacuation of Buildings under Emergency Impacts project is proposed by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to the Systems Engineering and Engineering Management department students. The project involves the study of simulation analysis and tests of emergency evacuation models and systems as well as providing a new evacuation modeling approach of Cameron Hall.  The project examines human behavior under possible impacts and hazards and includes a consideration of the financial aspects. The goal is to provide an optimal evacuation strategy with the shortest possible time and safest possible way. To accomplish this goal, the team uses computer simulations for the modeling of a virtual evacuation process.

Team members showcasing their project, UNC Charlotte Campus Carts Simulation

Project Title: UNC Charlotte Campus Carts Simulation

Team Members (BSSE students): Alex Hudnell, Andrew Cox, Abdul Alsara.

Description: The purpose of this project is to improve the current campus cart request and operation system. Project goals include reducing the overall waiting time, increasing the percentage of fulfilled requests by implementing a “Shared Request System,” creating a more organized cart retrieval and return system, and ultimately create a more efficient system.  Through simulation, the project team created a model that maximized users’ fulfilled requests. In comparison to the current system, the model in this project increased the fulfilled requests by 20%, and, if run at a capacity of 200%, by 44%.  The new system decreased waiting time, and by implementing an online request option, it increased efficiency.