Academic advising is an integral part of any student's education. Thus, ALL Systems Engineering undergraduate students are required to meet with their advisor each semester to verify that they will be enrolling in the correct classes in the following semester.

BSSE Advising Information

Advisors are available throughout the academic semester to address student questions and concerns. Students can see their advisor during office hours or by scheduling an appointment.

Every semester a formal advising period is scheduled before and during registration period. During the advising period, students must develop an Academic Plan using the Academic Planning Form. Students will have an advising hold until their Academic Planning Form has been submitted to and approved by an advisor.

Students must schedule an appointment with their advisor through the Niner Advisor System. Submit your completed Academic Planning Form to your advisor prior to your appointment. Once you have successfully scheduled an appointment with your advisor, you will receive a confirmation email indicating your appointment.

Students with special requests should submit the appropriate petition form to their advisors:

  • Pre-requisite Waiver/Substitution Request: need to fill this form for any waivers and course substitution requests
  • Academic Petition Form: need to fill this form for any other requests.

BSSE FLOW OF COURSES SEGR Academic Plan of Study BSSE Academic Planning Form Concentration and Elective Courses Course Substitution/Waiver Form Change of Major/Concentration Form

Important Advising Notes:

  • Students willing to take OPER courses will need to submit their requests to their advisors before registration starts. Advisors will compile the requests and will send the list to the Program Administrative Support Associate. SEEM Program Administrative Support Associate will submit the requests to the business school undergraduate coordinator. For OPER requests after the registration start date, students will need to handle it on their own. Students will need to provide their advisor Name, ID #, Email Address, Course Number, and Specific Term requesting.
  • A minimum "full-time" undergraduate load is defined as 12 credit hours per semester. Please consider an average semester load of 15 credit hours, when possible, to stay on track for graduation.
  • Students with good academic standing can enroll up to 18 semester hours without any permission. No student shall exceed 18 semester hours without special permission.
  • We emphasize the importance of good GPA (3.0 and higher) to get a good internship and a job later on.
  • Undergraduate students with at least 75 semester hours completed toward a baccalaureate degree with a GPA of 3.2 or higher may be admitted to the MS Engineering Management Program as an Early Entry student. Students interested in the Early Entry Program should schedule a meeting with the Program Director during the beginning of the semester when they are completing the 75 credits.
  • In addition to College and University requirements for continued enrollment, students must maintain a major cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all courses in the departmental curriculum taught by the College.  Failure to meet this requirement for two consecutive semesters will result in suspension from the College of Engineering. The BSSE Academic Planning Form (spreadsheet) shared with you computes both the overall and major GPA which will help in the advising process.
  • Students in the engineering programs may take a course in their curriculum a maximum of three times, including withdrawing from the course with a grade of W.  Failure to achieve a satisfactory grade in a course to progress in the program within the three allowed attempts will result in suspension from the engineering program.

Please contact your advisor for further advising questions. If you have general procedural questions or feedback, feel free to contact the SEEM program office.

Wishing you all a great advising period and a semester.


UNC Charlotte Advising Information

Transfer Students from other Universities or Colleges (outside of UNC Charlotte)

To be eligible for admission to SEEM, transfer students must:

  1. have an overall GPA of 2.5 or better, and
  2. have completed math coursework at least through precalculus (MATH 1103)

All Transfer students (including second-degree students) admitted to SEEM are required to attend a Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) session prior to their first semester of classes. Visit the SOAR website for more information and to register for a SOAR session. During the transfer student's first semester of classes, the department will assign an academic advisor and notify the student.

Transfer Credit Advisor -Transfer students can view this website to see how courses completed at other institutions will transfer to UNC Charlotte.

Transfers from Colleges within UNC Charlotte:

  1. have an overall GPA of 2.5 or better, and
  2. have completed the freshman Engineering coursework.

Students admitted as University College (UCOL) students are advised by the University Advising Center. View the University Advising Center website for more information.


All freshman engineering students are advised by the Office of Student Development and Success (OSDS). View the OSDS website for more information.

Tuition Surcharge: 

Effective Fall 2010, undergraduate students seeking a baccalaureate degree at UNC Charlotte will be subject to a 50% tuition surcharge as required by the North Carolina General Statute section 9.10.(b) ยง 116-143.7. Session Law 2009-451.  No surcharge will be imposed on any student who exceeds the degree credit hour limits within the equivalent of four academic years of regular term enrollment or within five years of regular term enrollment in a degree program officially designated by the Board of Governors as a five-year program. Go to the Registrar's website for more information about the Tuition surcharge.