Advising INformation

  • Recommendation for New Students: New students are advised to enroll in EMGT 6980 (seminar), EMGT 5201, and at least one of EMGT 5202 and EMGT 5203 in the first semester. If you plan to take EMGT 5202 and/or 5203, make sure you are registered for EMGT 5201 as well because 5201 serves as a co-requisite of those two courses. If you have an issue in registering for these courses, please submit a request for a permit from
  • Plan of Study: All students should check DegreeWorks (available from and carefully read the graduate catalog to understand the degree requirements. Students who entered the program in summer must follow the degree requirements in the following catalog year. For example, if a student starts the program in summer 2019, then the student must refer to the 2019-20 catalog.   
  • Graduate Petition: For any changes students want to make in DegreeWorks (e.g., switching concentration, approval of elective course from other programs, etc.), submit a Graduate Academic Petition (  

For additional advising questions, please contact Dr. Tao Hong via email. Please put [SEEM-Grad-Advising] at the beginning of the email subject. The questions will not be answered if they can be found from the graduate catalogs or SEEM website.