UNC Charlotte Team Wins Energy Forecasting Prize

Date Published: 
November 23, 2015

A team of engineering students from UNC Charlotte has won the Institute Prize from the IEEE Power and Energy Society 2014 Global Energy Forecasting Competition. More than 400 students and professionals from over 40 countries competed on load, price, wind and solar forecasting.

"I congratulate the three winning universities and 15 winning teams of GEFCom2014," said Dr. ML Chan, chair of the IEEE Power System Planning and Implementation Committee. "This probabilistic energy forecasting competition was aimed at bringing together state-of-the-art methodologies to best capture the uncertainties in the future and to assist the decision making processes in today’s competitive and dynamic environment."

The UNC Charlotte team was made up of Yanghai Cong (former INES student), Jingrui Xie (INES student), Ying Chen (MSEM student), Bidong Liu (INES student) and Mohamed Abuella (ECE student).The advisor of the winning UNC Charlotte team was Dr. Tao Hong of the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. In addition to UNC Charlotte, winners of the Institute Prize were Siberian State Aerospace University, Russia, and Tsinghua University, China.

GEFCom2014 was the largest energy forecasting competition known to date, both by the diversity of competition topics and wide geographic coverage of the participants. In addition, GEFCom2014 was the first probabilistic forecasting competition, and the first rolling energy forecasting competition to mimics real-world forecasting processes.

Individual winners in the Probabilistic Electric Load Forecasting Track included Jingrui Xie of UNC Charlotte. Other winners in the tracks were from France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Australia.

For more information about the GEFCom2014 please visit http://www.gefcom.org