Dr. Ogle Delivers Workshop Session at Paris Conference

Date Published: 
August 6, 2015

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Assistant Professor Michael Ogle led a workshop session titled "Toward Physical Internet Standards" at the 2nd International Physical Internet Conference (IPIC) in Paris at Mines ParisTech in July 2015.

The Physical Internet is creating greater efficiency and sustainability for the movement of goods by developing standardized ways of packetizing shipments, routing them through a network of hubs, and providing an open bidding and evaluation network to connect logistics suppliers and consumers.

“There is great potential for the Physical Internet to transform the way logistics is done throughout the world,” Dr. Ogle said, “but it is a large complex undertaking that is just getting underway.”

If you have an interest, you can get the initial indoctrination by reading the Physical Internet Manifesto presentation at http://www.physicalinternetinitiative.org.  

Below is the poster displayed at the Paris event acknowledging the sponsors and workshop leaders (includes UNC Charlotte).