INES Student Wins Analytics2014 Poster Contest

Date Published: 
October 22, 2014

Bidong Liu, a student in the Infrastructure and Environmental Systems Ph.D. program was recognized as a poster winner of the Analytics2014 conference hosted by SAS in Las Vegas, NV, Oct 20-21, 2014.

Analytics2014 brings together hundreds of professionals, industry experts and leading researchers in the field of analytics. As one of the six winners picked from 48 accepted posters, Bidong was invited to the conference to present the poster “how does temperature affect electricity demand”. The poster is a joint work of seven engineering students supervised by System Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Tao Hong.

Congratulations to Bidong and his co-authors of this award-winning poster:

  • Bidong Liu, INES
  • Jiali Liu, MSEM
  • Yanghai Cong, INES
  • Juan Fuentes, BSSE
  • Jose Benavente, BSSE
  • Ahmed Al-Bouri, BSSE
  • Coley Hodges, BSSE