Spring 2014 Senior Design Expo

Date Published: 
May 5, 2014

Seniors of The William States Lee College of Engineering presented their year-long capstone projects at the college’s annual Senior Design Exposition on May 1, 2014. More than 70 completed student projects were on display at Halton Arena, along with the designs for 30 mid-semester projects.

Winners were named for the top three projects. In first place was Red Wire Logic and its project  “Integrated Living Assistant”. The project features an innovative technology that allows remote and autonomous control over household devices, and monitors power consumption in real time. The team was made up of seniors Joshua Cox, Justin Hinson, Peter O’Connor and Neil Taylor, and mentors Nan Bousaba and Mehdi Miri.

The second-place winner was the “Wave Energy Conversion” team. Its project was the design and construction of an ocean platform that uses wave energy to produce and store compressed air that drives a reverse osmosis unit for desalination of sea water. Team members were William Beaver, William Alexander, Brendon Almond, Ivan Gyupchanov, Christian Horn, Christopher Matthews and Donal Sonnet, with Dan Hoch as mentor.

In third place was the “NASA University Student Launch Initiative” team. The team’s project included the design and construction of a re-useable dual deployment rocket capable of carrying a payload to an altitude of one mile. Team members were students Jerry Dahlberg, John Cappalletti, Daniel Deese, Dewey Greer, Benjamin Griffiths, Matthew Perry, Daniel Saulnier, Robert Stone and Caleb Watts, and mentor Karen Thorsett-Hill.

Photos of the winners and the event are in the image gallery below.