December Senior Design Expo

Date Published: 
December 9, 2013

The William States Lee College of Engineering held its fall Senior Design Expo on Dec. 6, 2013. Project teams presented both their completed projects and their mid-project design posters. A photo gallery of the winners and the Expo is here.

The three completed projects judged to be the best were:

First Place – Axial Fan Blade Attachment for sponsor Siemens
The team of James Poole, Tuan Huynh, John Willis and Kent Robinson, with faculty mentor Dr. Harish Cherukuri, designed and analyzed a new method for retaining large axial fan blades (19lbs/blade) on an electric generator rotor spinning up to 4,320 rpm and developing over 150,000 lbs. of centrifugal force per blade. The design took into consideration structural integrity, manufacturability, serviceability and cost. The design solution was a dovetail joint system that optimizes strength and reduces stress loads.

Second Place – Harnessing River Power for Remote Mission Hospital in Zambia for sponsor Powerhouse Mechanical
The team of Shamita Houpe, Andrew Horne, Sean Cary and Luke George, with faculty sponsor Dr. Peter Tkacik, designed and built a water-driven electrical generator for Chitokoloki Mission Hospital in Zambia. The hospital uses diesel power generators and solar power, but wanted a more cost-efficient power source that could be used during the rainy season. The hospital is on the Zambezi River and wanted to take advantage of the river’s water power. The team developed a paddle-wheel generator design that has adjustable blade angles to optimize efficiency. They also design and built an aero foil diffuser to mount below the wheel that increases the water velocity and re-energize the flow.

Third Place – Effect of Crystal Lattice Modification on the Chemical Reactivity of Cristobalite
The team of Norberto Gozum and Christopher Trujillo, with faculty mentor Dr. Ahmed El-Ghannam, developed a protocol to increase the chemical activity of cristobalite via doping with phosphate ions. The team characterized the structural modifications, and analyzed the effects for the material that is used in silica-based biomaterials to stimulate bone cell functions and tissue formation.

Providing students with an innovative, hands-on learning experience, the Industrial Senior Design Program at UNC Charlotte is educating engineering students, supporting industry partners and benefiting the State of North Carolina. The program teaches students how to apply their years of math, science, and engineering knowledge to solve the unique problems presented by many progressive North Carolina companies. The William States Lee College of Engineering encourages multi-disciplinary projects that involve engineering and technology solutions in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, computer, systems, environmental and civil engineering.