Dr. Ertunga C. Ozelkan

Associate Director of CLLES
Cameron 241

  • Ph.D., Systems and Industrial Engineering, The University of Arizona
  • M.S., Systems Engineering, The University of Arizona
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Bogazici University


<li>ENGR 1202 Introduction to Engineering Practices and Principles II</li>
<li>ETIN&nbsp; 2123 Production Control Systems</li>
<li>SEGR 3101 System Design and Deployment</li>
<li>SEGR 3107 Decision and Risk Analysis</li>
<li>SEGR 3290 Senior Design-I</li>
<li>SEGR 3291 Senior Design-II ENGR 4090 Lean Manufacturing Systems</li>
<li>SEGR 4101 Network Modeling & Analysis</li>
<li>SEGR 4141 Engineering Experimental Design</li>
<li>EMGT 6090&nbsp;Designing and Managing Supply Chains&nbsp;</li>
<li>EMGT 6090 Lean Supply Networks</li>
<li>EMGT 6090&nbsp;Lean Practice and Management</li>
<li>EMGT 6905 Designed Experimentation</li>
<li>EMGT 6915 Engineering Decision Analysis</li>
<li>EMGT 6952 Engineering Systems Optimization</li>
<li>MBAD 6141 Operations Management</li>

  • Lean Six Sigma System Design and Deployment
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Design and Planning
  • Production and Distribution Planning
  • System Optimization
  • Non-Linear Simulation Optimization
  • Network Modeling and Optimization
  • Heuristics Development for Solving Large Scale Optimization Problems
  • Multi-criteria decisions and risk analysis
  • Fuzzy Regression and Fuzzy-rule based modeling
  • Simulation Games for Systems and Industrial Engineering Education
Recent Publications: 
  • Ozelkan, E. C. and M. Cakanyildirim, 2009, Reverse Bullwhip Effect in Pricing, European Journal of Operational Research, 192, 302-312, Available Online in 2007: doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2007.09.009.
  • Ozelkan, E. C. and A. Galambosi, 2009, Lampshade Game for Lean Manufacturing, Production Planning and Control, 20(5), 385-402.
  • Ozelkan, E. C., A. D'Ambrosio, and S. G. Teng, 2008, Optimizing Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal Design for Effective Supply Chain Operations, International Journal of Production Economics, 111 (2), 529-542.  
  • Ozelkan, E. C. and A. Galambosi, 2008. When Does RFID Make Business Sense for Managing Supply Chains?, International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, 1 (1), 15-47.
  • Ozelkan, E. C., and M. Cakanyildirim, 2007, Resource Downgrading, European Journal of Operational Research, 177 (1), 572-590.
  • Ozelkan, E. C. and L. Duckstein, 2000, Multi-objective fuzzy regression: a general framework, Computers and Operations Research, Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support with Multiple Criteria 27(7-8), 635-652
  • Ozelkan, E. C. and L. Duckstein, 1999, Optimal fuzzy counterparts of scheduling rules, European Journal of Operational Research, 113 (3), 593-599.
  • Ozelkan, E. C., A. Galambosi, E. Fernandes, and L. Duckstein, 1997, Linear quadratic dynamic programming for water reservoir management, Applied Mathematical Modeling, 21, 591-598.
Professional Affiliations: 
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
  • Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE)
  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
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